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HP Personal Internet PC Only at ₹44,999! | HP14S-ER0002TU

Hello Tech lovers, I have good news for you. If you are a student, businessmen or blogger, then you will feel Wow! after reading the news in this article. You can get HP Personal Internet PC Only at ₹44,999! Let's get into the details.

HP Personal Internet PC

HP Personal Internet PC Only at ₹44,999!
HP Personal Internet PC Only at ₹44,999!

Recently, HP India has announced a new product launching. I got this update from HP India's Official Twitter account.

I am excited to tell you about the new India’s first always internet-connected PC. You can connect with a 4GLTE Network with this laptop itself. No need to use the internet with hotspot, LAN, modems, routers etc. Just set a professional internet-connected environment with this personal internet PC that starts at just ₹44,999! You can also check the official tweet from HP India below:

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HP didn't declare any medium to purchase this product. But, according to me, you can buy this product from its HP web store.

HP Personal Internet PC Specification:

HP14S-ER0002TU is the 10th Generation laptop with Intel Core i3 Processor. The reason before its popularity is, that this comes with a personal internet solution. It comes with built-in 4GLTE for super fast and reliable connectivity. You can access 4G Speed from this new HP laptop.

Best deal only at ₹44,999:
  • 10th Generation laptop
  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • built-in 4GLTE Connectivity

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