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How to Create Temporary Email Ids? Disposal Email Address

How to Create Temporary Email Ids? Why should we use a disposable email address?

These days, emails have their own importance. You can't sign up or log in to any website without emails. Emails are our virtual identities, that a website wants to collect, to identify us for the next time we visit there again.

Gmail is the most popular emailing service, provided to us by Google. We all are completely dependent on google's services, and this is only because it is reliable.

Can you remember where and how many times you used Gmail ids? I think, your answer will be "NO". I also don't know. But, it is dangerous.

We use our Gmail to sign up for many websites. But, we do not know how they are using our email ids. They may do fraud with us. To prevent such frauds the concept of temporary mails or disposal mails came into existence.

 Temporary Email Ids | Disposal Email Address

How to Create Temporary Email Ids? Disposal Email Address
How to Create Temporary Email Ids? Disposal Email Address

Temporary Emails ids are also called as Disposal Email Addresses.  These are short-term emails that can be used anywhere as normal email ids.

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Why and where can we use temporary email IDs?

Instead of using Original Email Ids, you can use disposal mails on websites that demand email ids but you can't trust them. This will help you to use different websites without sharing personal details.

You can also get verified user tag with temporary mails.

Make your first disposal mail

To create one, you can use different temporary mail services. Such services are available on many websites, you can find some by searching "temporary mail", "10 Minute mail" or etc. keywords into your browser.

How to Create temporary emails?

Here I am taking the example of But, the steps are almost same, for all such websites.

  1. Visit your favourite temp mail service. (10 Minute mail)
  2. An email ID will be automatically assigned to you
  3. Copy and use it anywhere
  4. Receive emails in the inbox on the same page.
You can only use emails for 10 or 20 minutes on such websites. Because they are temporary email services. But if you need more time, you can also re-start the time and use the email for the next allotted time.

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Video Tutorial:

I strongly recommend using temporary emails, for any doubtful website.


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