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FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature - MagicAPK

FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature is creating an atmosphere of excitement among the users. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are going to introduce Cross Chat Feature. Let's get into the matter...
FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature
As you know that Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. Now, Facebook is working on a technique, to make the content on one platform accessible from different. And most probably, Facebook is going to do so, with the launch of a new feature.

Facebook is the social networking giant, with most of the population of the world.  Facebook is speculated to be working on a technique to merge two of its instant messaging platforms. Don't take it wrong, this only means you can conversate between platforms. Facebook is not actually merging the applications or there features together.

Reportedly, it was found that the company is working on a special cross-chat feature, between WhatsApp and Facebook. As per our web research, Facebook Messenger …

List of Popular Applications Banned in China

We all know that India has banned 59 Chinese apps. It is recorded as recent activity in India. But do you know that China has taken such steps a long time ago? Yes, China has taken such steps a long time ago. The ban on foreign websites and application China is not my new activity. China follows strict web restriction rules or internet censorship, known as the Great Firewall of China. China banned most foreign websites for more than a decade. Internet users in China, are only allowed to use china's applications, website, and other services. China has not allowed content from the world's most popular websites and applications. China has never revealed these restrictions publicly. The Country wants to hold a tight grip on the internet. Here I have a list List of Popular Applications Banned in China.
List of Popular Applications Banned in China  | Shocking!
1. Google Google is one of the most popular search engines that is widely used. It is the most reliable and secure, but you…

JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing

Mukesh Ambani's business strategies are very different and effective. He is getting likes from all over the world. Companies want to have a chance to do business with Mukesh. Facebook and Intel recently invested in his digital business. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani has launched JioMeet, a free video conferencing application with unlimited free video calling. As JioMeet pricing is zero it can be seen as a competitor to Zoom.
JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing is unimaginable
JioMeet free video conferencing app is now available across Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and web. JioMeet is supporting HD audio and video call quality. The app can handle up to 100 participants at a time. JioMeet is offering features like screen sharing, meeting schedule feature, and more.

Unlike Zoom, it is not imposing a 40-minute time limit. Your calls can continue for as long as 24 hours. According to JioMeet's official website, all meetings are encrypted and password-protected.

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Google Photos has disabled automatic image and video backup

Why Google Photos has a disabled image and video backup? Guys, it is true that Google Photos has disabled images and videos backups. But it is temporarily. Google Photos temporarily disabled backup for folders created by applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and other messaging apps.
Google Photos - Back up Disabled
You may think that why google took this step. Let me tell you, this step has been taken to save your mobile data. Due to coronavirus, people are spending most of the time at home, and entertaining themselves via social media.

As most of the people are spending their time on mobile. Devices are receiving more messages, images and videos as usual. If google will automatically start back up, daily mobile data charges may increase, or your data may exhaust earlier as you expect. So to provide uninterrupted entertainment google disabled automatic images and video backups.

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If you need to backup media then you can do that manua…

Will US ban TikTok? TikTok banned in US!

Will the US ban Tiktok? - After the ban of TikTok in India, there are some fake claims that are circulating over the web. Continue reading and get into the whole matter.

You may notice some memes, videos, or posts, claiming that America has banned Tiktok. But that's not the complete truth. America has not banned TikTok. So, what is the source of this rumour?  Actually, all these claims are somewhat true. But they are providing misinformation to you.
TikTok banned in US! - Complete news about TikTok
The US has actually banned TikTok for government officers only. Means any person who is linked to government is not allowed to install and use Tiktok. But it is completely permissible for the rest of the public in America.

America's ban on TikTok is not a recent step by the government of America. America took this step in December 2019. After US TikTok ban for government officials, fake claims circulated on the social media platforms, about the complete ban of TikTok in America.


Top 5 List of TikTok Alternatives Made in India

Friends, are you finding any TikTok alternative made in India? Here I have a list of Top Five TikTok Alternatives made In India, for making short videos.

Recently, the Indian government has officially banned 59 Chinese apps. The list includes some of the most popular Chinese apps like TikTok and Shareit. These apps are now disappeared from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
TikTok alternatives made in India - Top 5 List 
After this ban, many TikTok app users are finding other alternatives made in India. If you love apps like TikTok and want to continue your entertainment, then, check different TikTok alternatives made in India from the list given here.
1. Roposo Roposo - The Made in India app is a strong TikTok alternative in India. It has about 5 crore downloads, that are increasing very fast after Chinese app ban. The app offers all the feature of TikTok and it is somewhat more than that. You can check more about Roposo here.
2. Chingari You can use this app for sharing your vi…

Walmart Flipkart Acquisition | Interesting Facts about Flipkart

Do you know the reason, behind Walmart's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Flipkart? Here I will reveal some facts about Flipkart that you may not know! The flagbearer, the lighthouse of Indian startups have some unrevealed facts. Today, I will reveal some of them including Walmart Flipkart Acquisition, and some other Interesting Facts about Flipkart.
Interesting Facts about Flipkart | Walmart Flipkart Acquisition
Watch Video

Formation of Flipkart was not an accident. Let me tell you, both the founders, Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal have decided to do something great. Many people think that these both founders are brothers. But actually, they are not brothers they are completely irrelative. They came into contact from their school. They studied at the same school and at the same College. And they both are graduated from IIT Delhi.

After completing studies they both went to the US to work with Amazon. Sounds foolish, but true. They went to the US to work with Flipkart's bigg…

59 Chinese App Ban in India - Chinese App Ban List

As tension is increasing on the border, the Government of India has decided to ban 59 Chinese App in India., including Tik Tok, Shareit etc. Check the list of 59 Chinese App Ban in India.

Chinese App Ban in India - Chinese App ListTikTokShareitKwaiUC BrowserBaidu mapSheinClash of KingsDU battery saverHeloLikeeYouCam makeupMi CommunityCM BrowersVirus CleanerAPUS BrowserROMWEClub FactoryNewsdogBeutry PlusWeChatUC NewsQQ MailWeiboXenderQQ MusicQQ NewsfeedBigo LiveSelfieCityMail MasterParallel SpaceMi Video Call XiaomiWeSyncES File ExplorerViva Video QU Video IncMeituVigo VideoNew Video StatusDU RecorderVault- HideCache Cleaner DU App studioDU CleanerDU BrowserHago Play With New FriendsCam ScannerClean Master Cheetah MobileWonder CameraPhoto WonderQQ PlayerWe MeetSweet SelfieBaidu TranslateVmateQQ InternationalQQ Security CenterQQ LauncherU VideoV fly Status VideoMobile LegendsDU Privacy Also Visit: All INDIAN MOBILE COMPANY LIST 2020 | Smartphone Companies

Government has officially anno…

How does Inductive Charging work? Wireless Charging - MagicAPK

Hey, Do you know? How does inductive charging work? or How does wireless charging work? or simply How a wireless charger works? I will cover all this, here in this post.

We all are so much attached to our smartphone. When the battery runs out, it’s painful, but we can't do anything about it, it happens. The more your phone serve you, the more power it needs, and the more charging will fulfil this need. The Charging technology is becoming fast and easier day by day. Wireless Charging is also a step towards the ease of charging mobile phones.
Wireless Charging - How it Works?
The Inductive Charing or Cordless charging is too much convenient these days. Have you heard about electromagnetic force? It is one of the fundamental forces in physics. It is a combination of electricity and magnetism concept.

Lets' take an example, when electricity flows through a copper coil, it creates an electromagnetic field. The more wire will be in the coil – the more powerful the field will be. As…

Top Fan Facebook Badge | How to turn on top fan badge on facebook page?

What is the Top fan Facebook Badge? What you should know about it? Today I am Going to talk about Facebook specifically "Top Fan Facebook Badge" you may have seen this popping up here and there if you have a business page. So, what is it?, How to turn on top fan badge on Facebook Page? and How you can use it?.
Top Fan Facebook Badge
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Basically, when someone engages with your page with more likes, comments, shares, and regularly visits your page. Facebook starts naming them as your top fans.

When facebook algorithms find someone as a top fan of a page, a notification goes to that person. The notification has the request, to be a top fan. Then it is up to your fan that he wants to accept the top fan facebook badge or not.
How you can identify someone as your top fan? You can identify a top fan with a  little jewel icon actually placed next to the Facebook name of your fan. This means, when your Facebook top fan, comment on your content or post, you will find a top fa…

Google Pay Ban in India! Google Pay News by RBI | G Pay Ban

Google Pay Ban news is totally fake, it is not banned in India. Actually, a fake message was forwarded on WhatsApp, that created this confusion. The same message was circulated on social media. The Message guarantees that the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has banned the GPay in India. Let''s Dive into the details of Google Pay News by RBI...
Google Pay Ban in India!
Many of us are using Google Pay in India. Google Pay Ban news was totally based on a fake message, circulated over Whatsapp. This Fake claim took the support of RBI's name and got so much circulation.

"GPay banned by RBI" is the Topic running at the top of all trending topics on Twitter in India. But it's not true, a report from earlier this week, quoted the Reserve Bank of India as stating "Google Pay does not operate a payment system in India and hence does not find a place in the list of authorised payment system operators published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)".…

All INDIAN MOBILE COMPANY LIST 2020 | Smartphone Companies

India and China are suffering from some serious tensions regarding border issues. Due to such environment, Indians have decided to completely ban Chinese products. But when it comes to boycotting Chinese mobiles then, one can think for a while that what are the other options than the Chinese mobiles. Here, in this article, you will find All Indian Mobile Company List of 2020.
Many of us, do not have any idea about Chinese and Indian products. That's why I came with a list of Top Indian Mobile Companies. You can buy your mobile phone from these Indian mobile companies.
Indians are planning to improve their economy. For this India has decided to use only made in India products. People are keen to move towards Indian mobile phone brands.
All Indian Mobile Company List - 2020 1. CREO CREO is an Indian technology company, its headquarters are in Bangalore. Its Products include the Teewe (a streaming media dongle) and the smartphone Mark 1 that runs on an exclusive Android-based operat…

Cool Features of Adobe Photoshop Camera App Explained!

Do you want to know "Cool Features of Adobe Photoshop Camera App"? Adobe Photoshop Camera is a new photography application by Adobe. Adobe's first announced Photoshop Camera App is not good as real photoshop application. But quiet enough to impress you with its features.

Without any doubt it is the coolest camera app, that can be downloaded through play store. Unlike, any other camera application, you need to create an account and log in to use this camera app. This is because of adobe's privacy policies.

Cool Features of Adobe Photoshop Camera App
Let's get into details, Adobe Photoshop Camera app is a free, smart camera app. It features different filters and effects for your photos. Most of the photo editing applications allow you to add filter after capturing the photo. Adobe's Camera app gives this chance before any shot means right while capturing the photo. The app is loaded with Tons of Insta-worthy lenses and filters. You can use this application wit…

What is Roposo? How to Earn Money From Roposo App?

A new app is taking place in the market. Do you know about Roposo App? Here in this article, I will tell you about Roposo and the ways to earn from Roposo App. So, What is Roposo App? and How to earn money from Roposo App?

What is Roposo App? This is a new video-sharing app. You can create a channel to share images and videos with your followers. The users are free to share videos & images on Whatsapp Status or on any other social media platforms. You can use this app in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi & Bengali.

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People are already creating amazing videos with the help of different filters, stickers & effects provided on the platform. You can create a video with slow-motion, time-lapse and portrait effect. The app features trending stickers and filters to easily create trending content.

Adding perfect hashtags will boost likes & views instantly!

You can take it as a similar short vide…

Best Sediment Filter in India 2020 | Top 5 List

Sediment filter traps and removes sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles from water.  No one loves discoloured and unappetizing water.  Sediment can clog up valves, fittings and demolishing hot water heaters or other water appliance. Sediment also blocks filtration systems like reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification. The filtration systems need a sediment filter for their efficient operation. Sediment filters are an essential component of the water filtration method. If you are here to find a perfect sediment filter in India, then check our top 5 list of Best Sediment Filter in India 2020.

Best Sediment Filter in India 2020 List
Finding the best sediment filter is not a tough task when you are in guidance of someone. We are here to guide you for this purchase. You can choose your dream filter from the list given below. 1. Namibind Kemflo Spun Filter Namibind Kemflo comes with 10" spun candles and features 5-micron filter for water purification. You will get 4 pieces of sedime…

Top 5 Best Exercise Cycles in India to Lose Weight

Don't be bored at home, get into the better shape. You should buy some exercise equipment to reduce weight. Not Joking, guys, but it would be good for you if you maintain your body shape. Exercise Cycles are great for rhythmic workouts. Exercise Cycles will be a great addition to your home gym. No need to care about the weather outside, exercise whenever you want. To guide you for purchasing the best exercise cycles in India. I have prepared a list of Top 5 Best Exercise Cycles in India to Lose Weight and to get into the shape.

List of Top 5 Best Exercise Cycles in India
The list is based on the bestsellers and best customer reviews of Amazon. So, don't worry about quality and experience. Just read this review and place an order on for your home.
1. Zofey Mini Home Pedal Exercise Cycle The Zofey Mini Home Pedal Cycle is a portable machine that you can carry to every corner of your house. It can be used for arms and legs cycling exercise. It is lightweight and comfortable, due…